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City Wall

Eusebius Church and Sabels poort
Background: the Eusebius Church. Foreground: the riverside of the Sabelspoort Sabres gate (originally built as defences, the focus is now on conservation) since around 1836 the only remaining of 4 gates (Sint Janspoort, Velperpoort, Rijnpoort, Sabelspoort) to the early City of Arnhem. The Eusebius Church was built between 1452 and 1560 and lost its tower during World War II, which has been reconstructed to another design, from the top of the tower there is a great view of Arnhem. A panorama lift brings you up to a height of 73 meter.

Pre War Church

Eusebius Church before World War II
The tower of the Eusebius Church before World War II.

See also a Video movie of Eusebius Church video of Eusebius Church and listen to the sound of a carillon or see some pictures inside the Eusebius Church.

Arnhem battle - airborne monument Airborne Monument - At the north side of the John Frost Bridge in the middle of the Airborneplein (roundabout), an old pillar of the Justice Palace which was totally destroyed after the battle of Arnhem.

Town Hall

Arnhem - Town Hall
The Eusebius Church, Maarten van Rossum House and Town Hall to the right.

Airborne Monument

Arnhem - Airborne Monument Another Airborne Monument (75mm gun) close to the the John Frost Bridge.

Nearly at the same place as the Eusebius church and until 550 years ago the Sint Maartenskerk (church of St. Marten, built around 1100) was located. On de ground outside in the southeast of the Eusebius church and opposite the Maarten van Rossum House the outlines that delineates the church are made visible. A small stair inside Eusebius church leads to a cellar. In the cellar, that is open to public, the foundation of the Sint Maartenskerk still can be seen.

John Frost Bridge

Arnhem - A Bridge Too Far Arnhem Rhine bridge (John Frost Bridge) made immortal in the book and the movie A Bridge Too Far (1974 the book, written by Cornelius Ryan / 1977 the movie, directed by Richard Attenborough).

Operation Market Garden and Liberation of Holland
Operation Market Garden is unique in a way that it is the biggest single airborne assault ever. Many events have been organized in the regions of Nijmegen and Arnhem in September of 2004 to commemorate this military operation 60 years ago. In 2005, Holland commemorates 60 years of liberation. The main 60th anniversary liberation events took place on May 4 and 5, 2005. Special exhibitions and activities took place throughout 2004 and 2005. Source: Holland News - Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions -

Market Square

Arnhem - Open-air Market
On a rainy day at the market square in front of the Esebius church. The colorful open-air market is held twice a week. The market-stalls feature low cost face-to-face buying, have a social role and are a source of fresh produce like home made cheese, flowers, vegetables, fruit, fish, bread, house wares, tools and hardware.

Eusebius Church

Arnhem - Eusebius View across the river Rhine to the direction of the city center. On the background the Eusebius Church, on the foreground the riverside of the Sabelse Poort, at the right the office location of the Province of Gelderland. Right behind at the market square the Gelders Archief is located, a part of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

The Gelders Archief

Gelders Archief
The archives keeps records and historical documents of the city of Arnhem and Guelderland.

Andrej Sacharov Bridge

Arnhem - Andrej Sacharov bridge Arnhem Rhine bridge (Andrej Sacharov bridge) with a separate bike and walk lane. To the right of the bridge along the river Rhine you find the LF3 Maasroute, a cycle way which runs between Arnhem and Maastricht (about 270 km). This part of the LF3 is also part of the Ronde van Nederland a cycle way of 1.200 km throughout the Netherlands. To the left of the bridge along the river IJssel at Westervoort the LF3 Hanze route, Euro-Bike route and the Kulturroute an Lippe und IJssel comes along. LF means a signed long distance cycle way.

Long Distance Cycle Ways

Hanzeroute LF3 Maasroute LF3 The signs of the long distance cycle ways Hanzeroute and Maasroute. Bicycle lanes are an integral part of the transportation network in the Netherlands where everyone has at least one bicycle!. A three-speed bike, or even a bike with no gears, is entirely adequate for this topography.

Maarten van Rossum House

Arnhem - Duivelshuis The Maarten van Rossum Huis just behind the Eusebius Church and also called the Duivelshuis (devils house), town hall since 1830, - now a part of the town hall - built in 1545 by Maarten van Rossum the general of the duke Karel van Gelre. (Gelre was the former name of the province of Gelderland). The statue on the top of the building belongs to Maarten van Rossum. The blue sign in front of the house, which directs to the sky, is a sample for the Dutch expression "achterstallig onderhoud".

Arnhem - part of the Duivelshuis One of the devils of the Maarten van Rossum Huis. Originally the christianity transformed de Greek God pan, half man, half goat with horns on his head into the devil.

Windmill De Kroon

Arnhem - windmill There is only one windmill left in Arnhem. De Kroon a protected 1849 monument of 32 meter at Klarendal. The windmill is painted in black possibly because of an economical crisis around 1900.

Meinerswijk Wildlife

Arnhem - wildlife at Meinerswijk Uiterwaardpark Meinerswijk (Mijnerswijk!?, Meinderswijk!?) is a great walking and wildlife area at the south side of Arnhem with Galloway's and Koniks. Galloways cattle are originated from Scotland, have a friendly temperament and bulls do not have horns. The Konik is a direct descendant of the extinct European horse, the Tarpan. Both Koniks and Galloways help to keep the area open. In order to be prepared for the higher discharges of the river Rhine Meinerswijk is part of a water management to create more space for the river. Cattle can survive high waters on higher lying places, as the area of the former brick factory.

Kema Tower

Arnhem - Kema tower - Praets
Meinerswijk on it's background the Kema tower at Business Park, Arnhem (135 meter, built in 1969). In the Meinerswijk area the roman fort Castra Herculis (discovered in 1979) was built at the beginning of the first century as part of the Limes the northern border of the Roman Empire. Also a early village Vicus Meginhardi (vicus means a village belonging to a Roman castellum), has been mentioned in the Meinerswijk area. At the fifth century the place was called Meginhardiswich and later the castle of Meginhard was built. The remainders of the castle of Meginhard are poor but are still visible.


Arnhem - Gelredome Gelredome in the South of Arnhem, built in 1998 with 28,000-seat, retractable field, and open-and-close roof, the football stadium of Arnhem's soccer club Vitesse and also known from events like Davis Cup, Supercross and concerts of Paul McCartney, Bon Jovi, Santana, Britney Spears, U2, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Metallica, Justin Timberlake, DJ Tiësto, Madonna, Pearl Jam and more. This used to be the location where the shuttle service (Airport-Transfer) between Arnhem and Flughafen Niederrhein (Airport Niederrhein - Laarbruch) leaves and arrives. Opened in 2003 as Flughafen Niederrhein meanwhile its name has changed into Airport Weeze.


Arnhem - Rijnhal The Rijnhal a stage of national and international events like the annual Miniatures and Dollhouse events, the Holiday on Ice Show, Christmas Market and The World Star Circus.

Open Air Museum

The Openluchtmuseum or Open Air Museum (National Heritage Museum), 300 years of stirring history with more than 85 historic houses, farms, shops, workshops and windmills dating back to 1700, all from different parts of the country. The Openluchtmuseum is located at Schelmseweg in the woods at the border of Arnhem.

Arnhem - Openluchtmuseum

More pictures and a video of the dutch Open Air Museum in Arnhem Holland.

The Open-air Museum represents nearly all areas of the Netherlands, Dutch architecture and the daily life of people in the Netherlands. The buildings were taken to pieces at their original location, moved to the museum and reconstructed. If you visit the museum take also a tramride on the historical trams (streetcar). >>

Historical Tram

Historical tram - Openluchtmuseum
One of the historical trams of the National Heritage Museum. Originally electric trams like this reconstructed Geta 76 drove in Arnhem from 1911 until WWII.

Hotel Arnhem

Arnhem - Trolleystad - Hotel Zuid Arnhem Trolleystad - Arnhem is the only city in the Netherlands with an electric trolleybus system for public transportation. All buses go to and come from de bus station (beside the train station). A nice chance for a cheap Arnhem sightseeing tour, just step in and step out later at the same place. Foreign car driver please remember: specially marked bus lanes are restricted to local buses and taxis. Buses have right of way when leaving bus-stops in built-up areas.
At the left on the photo Hotel Zuid (built in 1934). The first hotel and also one of the first buildings in de south of Arnhem. Situated at the south side of the John Frost Bridge. In first place it was called Rijnhotel, later the name changed to Hotel Zuid. At this moment the hotel is in use as information centre of the municipality of Arnhem.

The Blauwe Golfen at Nelson Mandela bridge leading to the Central Station (along the Arnhem Building to the right) >>

Nelson Mandela Bridge

Arnhem - Nelson Mandela bridge
The Nelson Mandela bridge not only in southern Africa Johannesburg also in Arnhem. Beside the Rijnkade or Rijnboulevard you find the Nelson Mandela bridge former the Roermondspleinbrug, built in 1977 at nearly the same place where between 1602 and 1935 a ship bridge was located (see medieval map of Arnhem below). Watch also the Blauwe Golfen (blue white waves) underneath de north side of the bridge now in use as an (unusual) parking area. The blue white waves indicate that formerly this area was a harbour.

Arnhem - Roermondsplein

Historical Cellars

Arnhems historical cellars - Arnhem below the surface

Medieval Arnhem Map

Arnhem - Aernhem
The medieval Aernhem (atlas map Johannes Blaeu 1599-1673), at the left of the river Rhine the schip bridge as mentioned above. At the right (the light square) Eusebius Church and Sabelse Poort.

<< The historical cellars of Arnhem. 39 medieval cellars below Arnhem’s Rijnstraat dating back to the 13th, 14th and 15th century. Find the entrance of the cellars (with guided tours) at Oude Oeverstraat 4a, next to Eurocinema (Blikken Bioscoop).
The first references to the town can be traced back as far as the 9th century. Arnhem was first documented in the Prümer Urbar, a listing (tax book) of properties and goods belonging to the Abbey of Prüm. The Prümer Urbar was made up in 893 and mentioned a church in Arnhem as well seven farms, that were possibly given on loan. The user of the land had to pay interest or tax to the abbey.

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